The Advantages of Mineral Make-Up

Mineral Makeup - Human Nature

A lot of people these days find mineral make up to be dubious but the truth is that it offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Good for Any Skin: Unlike other makeup which consists of chemicals that can be harmful to certain people’s skins, mineral make up is applicable to any skin. If for example your skin is somewhat suffering from dryness then the zinc oxide which is included in some mineral make up can help protect it from environments which can cause it to dry. For women having oily skins, they can utilize a powdered foundation which does not cause oil.
  • Does Not Block Pores: Unlike conventional make up which can sometimes block off the pores in your skin which may cause irritations, mineral make up allows your skin breathing space which lessens the chance of your skin having acne and rosacea.
  • No Harmful Preservatives: Most mineral make up do not have any harmful preservatives or scent which can potentially cause allergy to some women. Furthermore, it encourages the skin to regenerate better, keeping your skin from being oily. At the same time, zinc oxide which is often found in mineral make up can serve as a form of sunscreen.

Though mineral make up may lack the colors that conventional make up offers, it does however, encourage a healthy bright skin for all women out there.

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