Multiple Levels of Microsoft Certifications Can Be Earned

Microsoft has updated its entire line of IT certifications in order to give its users and employees the most up-to-date educational and verification experience possible. Beginners to IT and/or Microsoft, professionals looking to gain more experience or validation in their field, and veterans looking to change career paths or update their skillset can all benefit by earning a Microsoft certification. Each certification is wisely placed into a certain category, or pathway, while each pathway is defined by difficulty and experience and designed as a ladder to success in IT.

Five different pathways are currently being offered, each one with certifications in either the associate, expert, or master level. Each one increases in difficulty and cannot be obtained until the previous one has been earned. An associate level (MCSA) certification signifies proficiency in foundational skills in a certain area of precision; an expert level (MCSE) certification signifies a specialty of a specific area of expertise, relating to Microsoft servers, operating systems, applications, etc.; a master level (MCSM) certification signifies proficiency in advanced concepts and the ability to work across multiple platforms in complex business environments.

This certification hierarchy is witnessed in the Server and Database pathways, with each one offering participants certification opportunities at all levels. The Desktop pathway offers only MCSA certifications, with the MCSE certifications in the Server pathway meant as the next level of certification to earn. The Developer pathway offers a special Solutions Developer certification only, while the Applications pathway offers certifications specific to the numerous Microsoft applications that exist.

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Tips On How To Take Care Of Skin

These days, it can be a bit expensive to undergo countless processes that can help keep your skin healthy. The good news is that there are simple ways that people can do to be able to take good care of their skin without the need to spend a luxury such as:

Protect Your Skin From The Sun’s Rays: These days, the sun’s rays can be seriously damaging to our skin, causing it to wrinkle, and age and the possibility of suffering skin problems. This is because the ozone layer is no longer what it used to be and in order for you to be able to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, you have to learn how to utilize sun screens. Buy one which covers a lot of the sun’s spectrum with an SPF of at least 15. Make sure you reapply this to your skin every two hours especially if you are outdoors. 

Protect Your Skin–         Clothing: Also wear clothes that will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Well-brimmed hats, long-woven sleeved shirts and even laundry additives are good places to start. Take note that there are also clothing that are specifically designed to protect the wearer from ultra-violet rays.

–         Find Shelter: This does not really require much of an effort but try to keep yourself away from the sun’s rays and you can do this by looking for shades or walking underneath shades. Try to avoid being exposed to the sun around 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.

Refrain from Smoking:  A lot of people smoke but the thing is that smoking causes your skin to appear older since it has toxins which is harmful to the body. Smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow down which makes it harder for blood to circulate throughout the body. This in turn decreases the oxygen and nutrients that the blood carries inside the body. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin which are the fibers that provides strength and elasticity to your skin. 

The skin should not be taken for granted and by keeping the following tips in mind, you can keep your skin from being damaged. In case you need to get some Dermalogica active moist from skincareexpress, it is better that you consult with a certified dermatologist first.

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Wellbeing Strategies for You

With summer around the corner, it is about time to get looking your very best so you can look and feel great in your swimming costume on the beach or at the pool. And sure, we all know the usual ways to go about this – start cutting back on the calories, drink loads of water and get lots of exercise.

But we’re not here to go over all of those tired old recommendations; we have something a little different. By increasing your overall wellbeing, you will find it much easier to turn the rest of your life around and be happy. If you make an effort to decrease the number of negatives in your life, you will find that you greatly improve the quality of your life.

Improve Your Economic Wellbeing

Stress is a major factor in bringing you down, and a pile of bills is a major factor in causing stress. By eliminating any debts you make yourself financially secure, which can really put you at ease, making life that bit easier and happier.

Take a weekend to sit down and sort out all your finances. Tot up all your incomings and outgoings, and get rid of any unnecessary expenses. Got a LoveFilm subscription you’ve not used in months? Cancel it!

Try and pay your bills on time as best you can – paying off the interest on your credit card doesn’t help at all, and the amount will continue to build up. Get in control of your money and you get in control of your life.

Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

By living a healthy lifestyle, you will benefit from feeling better in yourself and having extra energy each day. Living healthily means that you are less likely to suffer from certain medical conditions, especially diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

You can start improving your physical wellbeing by adding whole grains and fruits into your diet, and (of course) by exercising regularly. Don’t start running marathons; doing a bit of something you enjoy will be fine. Simply enjoy a nice walk in your local area now and again. Don’t fancy that? Try one of the fitness holidays at!

If you can eliminate cigarettes and alcohol, this will really help. If you can’t get rid of them completely (it’s understandable!), at least try and cut back a bit.

Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

By bettering your economic and physical wellbeing, you improve your wellbeing as a whole. Take a look at your life and note any major negatives therein – if you can eliminate any of these you will increase your happiness.

Do you have a consistently negative friend who’s always bringing you down? Although it may be harsh to cut him or her out of your life, something needs to be done; try talking to them about them.

Bad habits can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Take procrastination, for instance – if you leave everything to the last minute and then stress out about it, it’s not going to do you any good. Take action to stop this.

Try engaging in positive activities like yoga, dancing and walking through the park; these will all help to increase your overall mood and wellbeing.

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Ways To Wear The Chelsea Boot This Summer

Tan Chelsea BootsThe Chelsea boot is definitely back this summer and it is looking as hip as it ever did during the 1960s when it was the only boot a Mod would deign to wear.

Never really out of fashion, the classic Chelsea boot has a round toe, flat heel and elastic inset. The boot is smart and hard wearing whilst that elastic inset has ensured that it has remained desirable as a woman’s boots since it was first invented during the Victorian era. The magic of the elastic inset is that it allows the boot to be tight fitting and so show off the neat contours of the female foot and yet it also allows the boot to be removed easily by those in a hurry. The Chelsea boot has always been a favourite of both men and women, in fact, not least for the practical loop it has at the back of the heel that makes removing a pair such a breeze. They usually come in black or brown leather but in the summer of 2013 the boot has had a glorious feminine make-over and you will find Chelsea boots for women with chunky heels, platform soles and in a rainbow of colours as an entertaining alternative to the still popular brown and black.

How to wear your Chelsea boots

Wear your Chelsea boots this summer with a colourful skirt, bare legs and knitted socks. Should it be cool in the evening, the Chelsea boot will look equally good with a mini skirt and woollen tights. If you want to wear trousers the boots work best with tight fitting or tapered trousers. Baggy, loose strides tend to get caught on that handy pull tab and the boots need to have their good looks on show anyway rather than hidden under folds of material. Many fashionistas think they are at their best when partnered with a pair of slim jeans. There is something about dark, good quality leather under worn and weathered denim. It’s a casual but tough look and one that means to be taken seriously. The way to be seen wearing Chelsea boots in summer is to make sure your jeans sit just above them, so that the whole boot is visible or to team them with short skirts, funky tights, sheer stockings or even bare legs if you have managed to get enough of a tan yet. They also team very well with coloured leggings or skinny jeans.

With a brand new 1980s vibe

The Chelsea boot of this season is reminiscent of those heady power dressed days of the 1980s. The boot itself is as sleek and modish as ever but with new stacked platform heels the boot takes on a brand new and contemporary 1980s disco chic. Wear them with pleated mini-skirts, sheer stocking socks, chiffon frills, over size sweaters and clunky chains and, if you want to complete the 1980s ‘Like a Virgin’ Madonna look, a glistening gold cross!

Susan Jones is a fashion writer for a number of popular websites and likes to be seen wearing Chelsea boots in summer!

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Advantages of Hiring a Reliable Cosmetic Dentist Upper West Side

Beautiful SmileNowadays, more and more individuals are relying on orthodontists to improve the quality of their smile. This holds true in the case of people who have some kind of serious dental problems. Often such individuals feel uneasy and uncomfortable to interact and communicate with others. However, now you don’t have to feel downhearted due to your teeth conditions. No matter what type of issues you have with your dentures, you can have them resolved by seeking the help of a qualified and experienced professional. Some of the important advantages of fixing your dental issues through an orthodontist are listed below.

Instant results

Orthodontics Upper West Side render immediate results which can be seen right after the first session. A convincing example in this regard is getting rid of stains through the teeth whitening technique. Unlike ineffective traditional creams, you will get effective and desired results through bleaching or laser teeth whitening procedure. If you have a cracked tooth, you can go for dental implants administered by these experts. Similarly, porcelain veneers and crowns might be an ideal choice when you are looking for a cheaper option.

Quick recovery time

Healing after dental implants and other surgeries is very fast. Now, you don’t have to wait for months to try out your favorite chicken and other hard to chew food after undergoing a dental surgery. Within a couple of week’s time, you will be able to eat, talk and laugh normally without enduring any pain and discomfort. Similarly, the healing time is much faster in the case of minor correction procedures. As a result, you don’t have to compromise with your lifestyle for a long time after fixing major dental issues.

Long term benefits

As opposed to conventional procedures and medicines, modern procedures have long term effects. You do not have to visit the expert again and again after treating your teeth condition. For example, if you implant a tooth, it will last for a period of about 10 years, besides blending with your teeth effectively. Though most of the procedures are expensive, but you will be able to save big money in the long run by not visiting a dentist for one problem again and again.

Self satisfaction

If you undergo surgery or other dental procedure through a reliable orthodontist, you can be rest assured that it will improve your physical look as well as psychological well being. Once your dental condition is improved, you will regain your confidence and self esteem. This in turn will improve the quality of your life.

Thus, a reliable orthodontist offers a host of benefits to any dental patient. Long lasting results, quick recovery time, increased confidence etc are some of the highlights of treating your dental issues through a well qualified orthodontist. Moreover, you can save a lot of money on expensive cosmetic procedures by comparing multiple experts to make a cost effective choice. So, the next time you face any issues with your dentures, call a reliable orthodontist and get your problems resolved in no time.

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What To Expect From Just Cavalli This Autumn?

Multicolor Flower DressJust Cavalli launched their Autumm/Winter advertising campaign earlier this month, an exciting staged fashion protest which dumped the traditional catwalk! Heading for the streets of Barcelona instead with their models wearing some of the top pieces from the Just Cavalli Autumn/Winter 2013 collection! The Fashion Revolution campaign represents how symbolic the new season’s collection is, saying goodbye to reliable winter fashion and hello to bright colourful designs with bold prints such as leopard! The splash of colour from the clothes is continued throughout the images with megaphones and banners with messages such as “Just Young” clashing against the traditional backdrop of the streets of Barcelona. The rebellious yet instantly wearable collection from Just Cavalli will soon be making its way to fashion stores such as Boudi London but just what will you find?

As the campaign suggests, it is now time to rebel against fashion of the past and make your own stand “we discovered that we are all different… we will not honour your colours, we will not repeat the stories that you have told, we just love”! Vibrant skirts, as typically found in Cavalli collections will be pleated but in bold colours and unforgettable prints that remind some of the medieval period with some Asian influence, not usually combined but in this collection they work effectively.

When it comes to the colour palette and the materials clashing appears to be the way to go! Throughout the collection there is a focus on colours such as turquoise, red, orange and green. Prints are florals and images which look like they have made their way straight from a stained glass window! Completely unique to the catwalks for this particular season. When it comes to the clash of materials you will once again see the medieval influence appear with velvet and fur featured on various pieces.

Just Cavalli dresses for this season will be maxi and utterly statement creating with their bold all-over prints, knitted for perfectly wearable weekend wear and of course as it is party season there are some go-to pieces available. Be typically Cavalli by going for boots as your footwear item of choice, perhaps those statement leopard print or orange heels from the Just Cavalli pre fall collection. The pre-fall collection is channelling the spirit of military fashion and this works perfectly with the collection that follows.

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Time to Enjoy an Amazing Curly Hairstyle

Are you jealous of those famous female celebrities on the red carpet sporting that perfectly curly hair? Even though it usually requires some effort, most women will pay more just to have that gorgeous, wavy, bouncy and full of volume curly hairstyle that’s all the rage nowadays.

Digiperm - Hot Japanese Hairstyle

What is Hair Perming?

This is the commonly used method to curl your hair permanently without much work needed and get that exciting new look you desire. If you feel like it is time for you to be noticeable and are looking for the right way to have a curly hairstyle, then hair perming is what you need. Hair perming has been around for quite some time and through the years there’s been even more advances in its application.

 In the last few years, choices are increasingly about copying the unique styles of hair that we used to see in the disco days instead of creating too many curls like those high-style coiffures. Until now, that elegant look still follows and is sought after by the new generation. It evokes a lot of sophistication and subtle yet seductive look, reducing the wrong impression about big curly hairstyles of old.

Types of Curly Hairstyle

Spiral Hair Perming

These days, you will often notice that many women have this type of hairstyle. It’s achieved by curling your hair tightly in coils to give you that bouncy spiral curl. Women will look amazing particularly those with medium length or long hair. Using straight rods especially on long hair really works, giving you that coiled curly hairstyle easily. You may notice that this bouncy type of hairstyle in women was mostly popular back in the 80’s.  This is the right hairstyle to make your hair look lively especially those with weak or flat looking hair. Tying your hair and letting a few hair strands loose is a simple and easy way to style your hair.

Partial Hair Perming

Even discerning hair critics can easily become attracted to this type of hairstyle. If you want to have fresh looking hair, particularly those with hair damage or too much dryness, then this will give you a unique look. Acquiring a partial hair perming will give your hair lots of volume, which many women desire to have. You will truly look great and allow you to have naturally looking curly hair. Partial perm is curling the hair from the middle section to the tip giving that bouncy appearance. Doing the partial hair perming will give you an appealing and more attractive look especially when attending those special occasions with friends or family.

Soft Wave Hairstyle

There’s also a minimal wave curled hairstyle, which is a great choice for providing women a simple and elegant appearance that makes them feel good at the same time. You can also further style your soft wave hair by creating some thin wavy bangs, which is appropriate especially for casual occasions. Having bouncy and soft wave curly hairstyle will give you an ageless appearance. Women of different age groups, status or social backgrounds can have this type of hairstyle. Putting graduated layers on this hairstyle can also create that loose strands of hair soft-wave effect. To have a full-free hairstyle you will need to make a few medium to large hair waves to be able to change them from the usual messy wavy hairstyle into that soft and minimal curly hair.

Casual Curly Hairstyle

A good perming procedure is the right way to have that wavy, curly hairstyle you often see on women during casual gatherings. Selecting the correct rod size for use in perming the hair will give you that naturally looking curly hair. If you do this, your hair will have the exact size of curl, not too small but not too large as well. This is the perfect hair for you to be able to show to the public particularly when going out with friends. Additionally, putting a few fall-off layers on the hair tips will give you that naturally looking curly hairstyle particularly when you go to places with lots of lights that can reflect on the shiny curly hair locks you have. Getting that simple look, you will definitely become even more noticeable especially for those good-looking men around you.

Mixed Hair Perming

Mixing hair-perming curl to your hair is another fashionable way to enhance a hairstyle that many women would love to achieve.  At first, you need to have various sizes of rods to curl your hair. Try to get that unique wavy hairstyle that is different from other boring curly hairstyles by curling each strand of your hair with various hair locks. This will look unique especially for those with a layered haircut to make it more naturally looking curly hair. This type of hair will give you the ‘mixed-up’ or that just-got out-of-bed-look. Furthermore, it is not hard to maintain and it can even boost your confidence in yourself by making you feel very beautiful. Mixed hair perming can also give your hair the balance and volume you need along with a subtle elegance.

Additional ways to improve a curly hairstyle

  • Let your hair loose or be free

This is easy and effectively curly hairstyle for you to look stunning. Tying the hair in half is another way to style curly hair.

  • Style curly hair

You will have that special-look if you try braiding your hair, ornamenting or even interchanging the side parting of your curly hair.

  • Try bangs or hair layers

Chic or trendy hairstyles are the best ways to brighten up your look. Putting bangs or layers will definitely provide you that fresh looking hairstyle nowadays.

Taking good care of your permed and curly hair should not be taken for granted. Try to get advice from your stylist who knows various ways on how to care for your hair. Try to maintain these methods to keep that healthy and glowing curly hair. It’s even better if you could visit your favorite hair salon for a good hair spa, an oil massage, conditioners and moisturizers every now and then to prevent dry hair, breakage, split ends, hair loss and other hair issues. Go for that trendy and chic looking curly hair now to make you look stunning and elegant for everyday glamour and also for attending special events.

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Things to Keep In Mind While Getting Permanent Eyeliner

Eye Makeup VS Permanent Eyeliner

You may start ditching this eye makeup…

Permanent eyeliner is a new technique of getting tattooed eyeliners. It is gaining popularity due to the fact that applying eyeliner is the most cumbersome makeup process. Eyeliner tattooing is similar to medical micropigmentation. It can only be done by an experienced and professional micropigmentologist. Upper and lower liner can be tattooed in many styles from a natural appearing lash enhancement to thicker and noticeable line. Eyelids can be thin or dotted in between eyelashes that render the eyes a beautiful shape with a neat outline.

The procedure

The process of the permanent eyeliner makeup varies from practitioner to practitioner. There is no hard and fast rule. You can choose your choice of eye lining. Your physician can make changes in your choice, in compliance with your age and face type. All the devices used should be as per the standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The process begins with general anesthesia. In case the technician is not a professional anesthetist ask for an over-the-counter (OTC) anesthetic. The worktable must have only disposable tools. A needle should be sterilized, and then affixed into the device, before the procedure begins. Ideally, OTC products (eyewash and eye drops, and others) ought to be used during the permanent eyeliner process.

Few things to keep in mind

Once the procedure is over, you might have a bit of swelling around the tattooed liner. But you must be very cautious after the procedure as well.

Things you should do immediately after the process:

  • Dab wet tissue over the operated area for one hour, every 5 hours. If swelling persists, place ice cubes over the eyes for a minute of two.
  • Use a clean pillowcase, to avoid any infection. Do not go near pets and furry animals, lest their fur flies into your eyes.
  • Avoid pollution and dust as much as possible.
  • Do not sleep with your face upside down, it disrupts healing process and the color pigment is rubbed off.
  • While applying ice, always be in a perpendicular upright, seated position, as sleeping in horizontal position would have already caused swelling.
  • Do not wear contact lenses for the next 24 hours, or until the swelling persists.
  • Do not rub your eyes for the next week. Use gentle cotton if you feel itchy near your eyes. Rubbing harshly will result in loss of pigment.
  • Do not apply soap, or cleansing milk, or any anti-aging creams, near the pigmented areas at the eyes.

Permanent eyeliner is a risky affair. You must be absolutely sure about the decision to get it. Once done, it should be treated with a lot of care. It is irrevocable and permanent, meaning you cannot change the shape or size of the outline once it has been carried out. Also, once it is done, you must handle it with care.

About the author:

Anna-Mae is a girl who wants to find out more regarding looking exactly the way you want. She’s done a lot of research and is now looking to share her findings with the rest of the world.

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Tips When Buying A Luxury Watch

Choosing which luxury watch would suit you best can be a challenge especially that there are a lot of options to choose from. However, you should refrain from jumping the gun just because you see the watch that you want on a discounted price. There are other things which you should consider first such as:

Michael Kors Ladies Gold Tone Steel Bracelet Watch  Read more at This is perhaps one of the most important things that you should consider. Do you have the budget to be buying such an expensive watch? If for example the watch that you want to buy is far more than your current savings of $3000 or $40000 then you may want to wait longer. Going for a watch that you do not really like just because it is affordable without thinking will just get you suffering from buyer’s remorse. The same thing with buying a watch that you like but you are unable to afford it. You do not want to buy a watch just to realize that you really cannot afford it and you may end up selling it right away. Always prioritize your budget above all things before purchasing anything expensive. 

Counterfeits: Just because the watch that you have been eyeing for a long time is being sold for a discounted price is that you should go for it. Beware of watches which are made to look like a branded wrist watch but upon closer examination only show a watch that is just a combination of various materials to make it look like a branded watch. Beware as well of watches that do not have key signatures that only a real manufacturer can produce and or fraudulent serial numbers. 

Brand: Brand is a factor when it comes to purchasing luxury watches since every brand manufactures their watches differently. If for example, you are looking for luxury and classic watches then you should choose a brand which is associated with such a theme as compared to brands which sells luxury but sporty kind of watches. 

These are but a few tips when it comes to purchasing luxury watches and you should always conduct a thorough research before you buy the watch you have been eyeing for a long time now.

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Tips When Picking A Necktie

Neckties has long existed and originally served as a symbol of a person belonging to a particular group. Today, neckties are often worn by men as a fashion statement and to give a classy impression. They are usually worn along formal attire or a suit. However, like with most accessories, it can be a bit challenging to choose which one would suit a man’s attire.

Customized Neckties

When choosing the right necktie for your attire, take note of the following:

  • Familiarize Yourself With The Different Parts Of A Necktie: If you are buying a necktie, it is important that you know the different parts of it since the quality of a necktie depends on what you are looking for in one. For one, you have to check the lining of a tie. The lining’s purpose is to make tying to necktie more conveniently. A good lining is solely made out of wool.
  • Examine it by Hand: It is also important that you check the necktie’s fabric. Silk is perhaps the best necktie fabric and you have to feel it so you can be sure that you are picking a silk necktie. Furthermore, hand-rolled and hand-stitched neckties are better than the ones that are rolled or stitched by machines. Also look for the slip stitch which can be pulled to fold the tie together.
  • Size:  Look for ties that stretch as far as the upper portion of your belt buckle and a necktie which measures around two and one forth and four inches wide. If you are looking for a more classic appeal, find a necktie having a width which complements your jacket’s lapel. Also make sure that you are comfortable wearing the necktie and it should just fit right.
  • Take Note Of Textures And Make Sure They Complement The Color Of Your Suits: When choosing neckties to wear, keep in mind to wear wool neckties along with tweed or heavyweight jackets. At the same time, pick a tie that complements the color of your attire and or a necktie splashed with a different color.
  • Look At Yourself In The Mirror: Picking a necktie while taking your physical features into account is also advisable. Wear a necktie which is contrast to your skin complexion. That would make you look better and would effectively emphasize your tie.

Always keep these tips in mind when you are choosing a necktie for an upcoming event or if you are looking for something to wear on a daily basis. If you need more information or ideas, you can also visit website related to neckties or simply go to Google and conduct your research there.

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