Asian Makeup – A Doll For A Day

Maybe you got invited to a costume party. Or maybe you simply wanted to do cosplay, but don’t know what to do. Or maybe you just wanted to look differently from the others. One thing you can do is dress up like an Asian doll.

Asian dolls have an anime-like look and hyper-realistic. Most of them are characterized by having big eyes, subtle make up and flawless skin. They can look either cute or mysterious. With some help of the make up, you can have an Asian doll look in no time.

Asian Doll Makeup

How To Have An Asian Doll Look:

• Wear a circle contact lens. You can choose a different color, like green, violet or blue. This will help to make the eyes look bigger and anime-like.
• Apply a lighter foundation. Choose a foundation that’s two or three shades lighter than your skin tone to make your face look brighter. Set your foundation with a powder to make it last longer.
• You can dye your hair with a lighter color like chestnut brown, or you can put a wig on. A differently colored wig is much better.
• Draw your eyebrows. Make sure that it looks skinnier than usual. Make it look exaggerated.
• Apply the eye shadow above the crease of your eyes. This will make a fake crease above your original crease, and will make your eyes looks much bigger.
• Using an eyeliner, draw a thick outline above the eyelashes and below the water line. You can also draw along the crease, then blend it afterwards. If you’ll be using a light colored eye liner, you can blend it with the eye shadow that you put on before.
• Apply a white liner on your waterline.
• Apply a lot of mascara on your upper and lower lashes to make it thicker and longer. Put a fake lashes after wards.
• Apply a light pink blush-on on your cheek. Apply a tan powder on the sides to create a shadow.
• Apply a bronzer at the sides of your nose to make an illusion of a narrow nose.
• Wear a pink lip gloss or light colored lipstick.

After you finish your make up you can now wear a doll dress and bonnet or ribbons to achieve your doll-like look. Remember, before you apply any make up, make sure your face is clean. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer before applying any make up.

Enjoy being a doll for a day! And if you are going out while the sun is hot, make sure to carry fashionable but cheap sunglasses with you so that your beautiful eyes will stay protected!

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