Natural Skin Lightening Recipe – Lemon Juice, Almonds and Egg Whites

The 5 Natural Recipes for Making Skin Lighter

Lemon Juice, Almonds and Egg Whites

The third recipe is made with lemon juice, almonds and egg whites.

Lemon Juice, Almonds and Egg Whites

Surprisingly, the almond nut can also be effective for lightening the skin. Just leave them in water for over 12 hours and then remove the skins, put in some fresh lemon juice and egg whites and mix thoroughly until you have another paste-like substance. Make a face mask with the mix, leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with clean, room temperature water.

The almond nut is filled with natural chemicals which keep skin white since it has a lot of Vitamin E which is a beneficial to the skin and helps us avoid skin cancer. Almonds are also high in Omega-3 and are quite fibrous, and that makes it a natural skin smoothening ingredient.

The egg-whites are important because they have a lot of natural protein, vitamins and minerals as well. They are also an effective astringent for keeping the skin firm and healthy.

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Natural Skin Lightening Recipe – Sandalwood with Tomato, Lemon and Cucumber Juices

The 5 Natural Recipes for Making Skin Lighter

Sandalwood with Tomato, Lemon and Cucumber Juices

The second recipe is made with tomato juice, sandalwood, lemon juice and cucumber juice.

Sandalwood with Tomato, Lemon and Cucumber Juices

Similar to the first Natural Skin Lightening Recipe, this concoction makes use of cucumber and lemon juices.

Blend each ingredient in a bowl in equal portions along with a teaspoon of the powder of sandalwood. This will become a past-like substance which you can put on your skin.

Allow it to dry and then wash with tepid water after a quarter of an hour. This can be done every other day for at least 2 months for effectiveness.

Tomato juice and sandalwood are the two new items for this recipe and most people may not be aware that tomatoes are also effective for skin care and not just great for cooking and veggie salads. They are packed with Vitamins like A, C. E and B-Complex which are essential to glowing skin tones. Tomatoes are also known to decrease the effects of aging and are a good food for preventing cancer. Making a mask from tomatoes will help you remove dark spots and acne scars as well.

There is also sandalwood which is another antiseptic and makes skin softer and smoother. It has been used for centuries to alleviate skin irritation, mild burns and blackheads as well as zits.

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Skin Lightening Natural Recipe – Cucumber with Lemon Juice and Turmeric

The 5 Natural Recipes for Making Skin Lighter

Cucumber with Lemon Juice and Turmeric Method

By itself, the juice of a lemon is already a good skin lightener, which makes it a must-try.

Cucumber with Lemon Juice and Turmeric MethodStart by mixing the same quantity of cucumber and lemon juices. You can use just half of each ingredient and just add a teaspoon of turmeric powder in dried form. Make sure they are all blended properly and then dab the concoction unto your face creating a thin mask. Lie down for at least 1 hour, after which you can wash your face with tepid water. Applying this method twice a week will help you lighten your skin effectively.

The fruit of the lemon tree is a well-known skin lightener. It is composed of natural chemicals, which are amazing at lessening any skin tone unevenness as well as any past indications of acne, white heads or blackheads. However, because the properties of the lemon can be acidic, you take care never to use this too much. Avoid this recipe if your face has any lesions, scrapes or open skin that could be irritated.

You should also ensure that your mixture never gets in your eyes since this can cause blurring and itchiness to the entire eye area.

For cool skin, the cucumber is ideal since it has a lot of hydrogen as human skin. It works very well at soothing and toning the skin naturally.

The last ingredient, turmeric, is a very popular spice on the Indian continent and is mostly used in cooking. They also use it for skin darkening and acne scars because it lessens swelling and is a good antiseptic.

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Lighter Skin with Five Natural Methods!

Ever since women discovered the power of attraction, we’ve been searching for good ways to lighten our skin tone to get that healthy glow. Having that kind of skin tone is the surest sign of being gorgeous, young and classy for almost every part of the world.

In several countries in Europe, we of the female gender have had to use umbrellas, sun shades and gloves to keep our skins white. Most affluent women often considered their white skin a sign of their wealth. Geishas in Japan are easily recognizable by the whiteness of their complexions with the application of powders and make-up to get that glowing white skin.

Lighter Skin with Five Natural Methods

In more recent times, having white skin is still a much sought after physical characteristic for females, hence, any girl or older would want to know how to maintain or achieve that complexion while lessening any darkening or splotches on the skin.

Although the use of cosmetics is still one of the effective ways to conceal any darkening, the majority of women try to go for more holistic approaches for having and keeping white skin with the use of home-made concoctions and creams . Although there aren’t many products being sold which provide the effect of lighter skin but also lessen any contraindications, which is why we need to utilize more natural methods to getting that skin glowing.

In truth, a lot of natural recipes are much more helpful and generally less expensive compared to on the shelf make-up.

For those of us who have no idea how to make dark skin lighter, we’ve collected the five best natural methods for you. It may even surprise you that the items needed to make them can be found in your own home. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post: “The 5 Natural Recipes for Making Skin Lighter”.

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Make Yourself More Beautiful with Organic Beauty Products!

Most of us are now becoming more conscious about the food we want to eat. We now tend to look for those naturally grown ingredients to make our food healthier. However, we are also inclined to neglect one of the important parts of our body, our skin. Oftentimes, we look for various products that can provide healthy nourishments for our skin. Fortunately, there are many food items that you may find in your kitchen that are organic or without chemicals, and they can be quite economical and not hard to apply for whatever needs we may have.

Organic Beauty Skincare

Below are a few of the best natural foods for your skin and their benefits:

1. Oil from the Coconut Tree

• Coconut oil can speed-up the body’s metabolism so it is very helpful when digesting food
• It also assists in weight reduction for those who want to lose weight
• Use it as a moisturizer to prevent dryness of skin and scalp
• Put some sugar in it to use as a body scrub
• Helps to reduce bad cholesterol naturally
• Restores skin cells to inhibit the ageing process

2. Argan Oil on Skin

• This is excellent when it comes to reducing skin diseases like psoriasis
• Takes care of dry skin, scalp, hair and nails
• Combine it with sun flower oil for aging skin or grape-seed oil for acne
• Helps to retain moisture of the skin
• Aids in digestion
• Soothe skin inflammations

3. The Ubiquitous Lemon

• Add to the same natural ingredients to make a facial mask
• Rub on dark spots of the skin every evening for a few weeks to lighten and soften that area (specifically on rough patches of skin like elbows and knees)
• Massage it on the face to eliminate blackheads
• Helps to cleanse the digestive system particularly the liver
• Aids in weight reduction
• It also improves our immune systems

4. Fresh Cucumber

• Removes under-eye bags and puffiness
• Helps the body to keep hydration during hot days
• Aids in soothing and cooling sunburn caused by intense heat on the skin
• Assists in eliminating toxins from the body
• Helps in digestion by aiding in hydration

5. Try the Kiwi Fruit

• A great source of vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid for the skin
• Make a facial mask by adding kiwi fruit with yogurt, orange juice and oil to make skin brighter, softer and glowing
• Helps to manage safe levels of blood pressure
• Makes the immune system stronger
• Boosts faster digestion
• Aids in body cleansing

6. Sea Salt

• It decreases inflammation of the skin
• Helps to regulate blood circulation for proper metabolism
• Aids in flushing unwanted body toxins
• Mix the ground sea salt with drops of your favorite oil and rub to help reduce dead skin cells

7. Few Eggs

• Can be used as hair conditioner or moisturizer to make your hair shiny, softer and smoother
• Make it into a facial mask to help the skin to remain firm, tighten skin pores and decreases under-eye puffiness
• It also reduces oily skin when applied regularly.

Do these all-natural beauty regimens to help you look more beautiful not only on the outside but also in the inside. So you feel gorgeous all the time.

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Asian Makeup – A Doll For A Day

Maybe you got invited to a costume party. Or maybe you simply wanted to do cosplay, but don’t know what to do. Or maybe you just wanted to look differently from the others. One thing you can do is dress up like an Asian doll.

Asian dolls have an anime-like look and hyper-realistic. Most of them are characterized by having big eyes, subtle make up and flawless skin. They can look either cute or mysterious. With some help of the make up, you can have an Asian doll look in no time.

Asian Doll Makeup

How To Have An Asian Doll Look:

• Wear a circle contact lens. You can choose a different color, like green, violet or blue. This will help to make the eyes look bigger and anime-like.
• Apply a lighter foundation. Choose a foundation that’s two or three shades lighter than your skin tone to make your face look brighter. Set your foundation with a powder to make it last longer.
• You can dye your hair with a lighter color like chestnut brown, or you can put a wig on. A differently colored wig is much better.
• Draw your eyebrows. Make sure that it looks skinnier than usual. Make it look exaggerated.
• Apply the eye shadow above the crease of your eyes. This will make a fake crease above your original crease, and will make your eyes looks much bigger.
• Using an eyeliner, draw a thick outline above the eyelashes and below the water line. You can also draw along the crease, then blend it afterwards. If you’ll be using a light colored eye liner, you can blend it with the eye shadow that you put on before.
• Apply a white liner on your waterline.
• Apply a lot of mascara on your upper and lower lashes to make it thicker and longer. Put a fake lashes after wards.
• Apply a light pink blush-on on your cheek. Apply a tan powder on the sides to create a shadow.
• Apply a bronzer at the sides of your nose to make an illusion of a narrow nose.
• Wear a pink lip gloss or light colored lipstick.

After you finish your make up you can now wear a doll dress and bonnet or ribbons to achieve your doll-like look. Remember, before you apply any make up, make sure your face is clean. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer before applying any make up.

Enjoy being a doll for a day! And if you are going out while the sun is hot, make sure to carry fashionable but cheap sunglasses with you so that your beautiful eyes will stay protected!

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Getting the Look You Want with Custom Hair

Hair loss, whether it is a temporary condition or a permanent condition, can be a hard situation to deal with. Hair is a large part of most people’s personality and overall look, so losing something that so much a part of you can be a big change that you may not want. If you are in the market for a replacement product that is natural looking, well-fitted and high quality, you will want to understand what a good hair replacement system will consist of. 

The first thing you will want to look for in a quality wig or hair replacement system is the type of material that it is made from. You will want to ensure that any hair piece or wig you buy is made from real human hair. There are a number of styles and types available so that you can get the color and texture of your original hair, or you can go in a completely different direction to get a new look. 

After you have checked the material, you will want to ensure that the company your are buying the wig from can accurately fit it to your specific size and shape. To get the most natural look, there are a number of measurements that need to be taken in order to be accurate. This will prevent wigs or complete hair systems from slipping out of place or having an air bubble that can make wearing the wig uncomfortable for long periods of time. 

The last aspect of your hair replacement system is to understand how much of it can be customized. For most users, a wig or hair replacement system can be completely customizable. This ensures comfort, quality and durability throughout the life of the system. 

Hair can be a very important part of your personality, so it is important to understand your options if you are losing your hair for any reason. If you are interested in learning more about hair replacement systems that are right for your needs, you can check out this website for more information. It is important to understand your options when you are looking for natural, custom hair systems or wigs for men and women.

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Guidelines for Safer and more Effective Beauty Products

If you are starting to be more aware about what you take in your body such as those fatty, salty and other unhealthy foods, then it is also necessary to take good care of your body and organs on the outside especially the biggest organ of all, our skin. In most cases, we all have a tendency to neglect our skin and focus more on the internal parts of our body. That is why it is essential to determine the least toxic and unhealthy beauty products in order to avoid using them.

Things to Look For as Safe in Facial Care Products

Natural Beauty1. Look and understand the label carefully

Reading the label thoroughly in each beauty product you buy can give you lots of information regarding its components especially those that can have harmful effects on your skin. Some of these products claim that they are healthy to use but if you discover these ingredients such as phthalate, sulfate, paraben, triclosan or toluene then they are definitely not safe and harmful to use which you should not buy nor patronize.

2. Search the Web

There are numerous sites on the internet that you can check to find out if these beauty products are true and accurate in their labels. Many of them have false claims telling people that their products are safe to use and do not have harmful ingredients. It’s better if you make a list of the brands you want to use and the ingredients they have in these beauty products that you want to examine. Many legitimate and high-ranked sites online will assist you in searching for and verifying these products and their components and if these are safe and not harmful to use on the body. They will provide you with detailed information and reviews on these types of products.

3. Help in Promoting Safe Beauty Products

Various cosmetic products are carefully inspected and approved by the Government’s Food and Drug Administration to confirm their safety and quality. Most of the time, consumers like us have no adequate knowledge on what kind of facial cosmetics we are using. We lack essential information regarding what chemical substances that our mascara, foundation, lipstick and powder have that might cause irritation to our skin. Other similar types of products even support some institutions or organizations to make good sales. Try to get only those beauty products that contain natural and safe ingredients to help yourself as well as others who use similar products.

4.       Buy Trusted Brands

Sadly, there are some or even most brands of beauty products have at least one harmful substance included in their ingredients. Find some cosmetic brands you really like to use from the internet to give you a better idea if they are safe or not. To save yourself time, better if you use those trusted cosmetic brands that have been in this type of business for years or even decades.

There are many sites on the internet that can recommend or suggest various cosmetic products with complete information on their safety and quality. These products are worth investing in even if they are a bit pricey, you can be sure of their quality. Choose the right beauty products to use to save you more time and money. Remember, you can stay beautiful and not risk your health in the process.

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Tips to Prevent Skin Diseases

There are a number of ways of keeping yourself from having skin diseases and there is not much effort in doing it. It is all about developing good healthy habits such as:

  • Washing Your Hands Every Now And Then: This is perhaps the easiest practice that a lot of people tend to neglect. But the truth is that washing your hands as often as possible lessens the chances of you contracting any unwanted infection. Remember that your hands are in contact with endless microscopic bacteria which can be harmful to your health.
  • Refrain From Sharing Your Pillow Case, Towel And Blankets: Some people think if is perfectly fine sharing your towel or your pillows with other people but the truth is that it is not healthy. Bacteria can be transmitted through this method. Just imagine what the other person may have been physically in contact with throughout the day and then he or she will just simply rub his or her hands on your towel or pillow.
  • Refrain From Wearing Clothes You Already Had Perspired On: Perspiration feeds microscopic bacteria which can keep them from dying out while they wait for an opportunity to find a better feeding ground. Take note that the longer you keep clothing wet with perspiration, the more chances of it turning into a breeding ground for bad bacteria which can sip into your skin’s pores.

At the end of the day, it is a matter of developing good habits and good hygiene.

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The Advantages of Mineral Make-Up

Mineral Makeup - Human Nature

A lot of people these days find mineral make up to be dubious but the truth is that it offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Good for Any Skin: Unlike other makeup which consists of chemicals that can be harmful to certain people’s skins, mineral make up is applicable to any skin. If for example your skin is somewhat suffering from dryness then the zinc oxide which is included in some mineral make up can help protect it from environments which can cause it to dry. For women having oily skins, they can utilize a powdered foundation which does not cause oil.
  • Does Not Block Pores: Unlike conventional make up which can sometimes block off the pores in your skin which may cause irritations, mineral make up allows your skin breathing space which lessens the chance of your skin having acne and rosacea.
  • No Harmful Preservatives: Most mineral make up do not have any harmful preservatives or scent which can potentially cause allergy to some women. Furthermore, it encourages the skin to regenerate better, keeping your skin from being oily. At the same time, zinc oxide which is often found in mineral make up can serve as a form of sunscreen.

Though mineral make up may lack the colors that conventional make up offers, it does however, encourage a healthy bright skin for all women out there.

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